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Talent Identification Session (TIS) ™

At PTG we have developed an inhouse system that helps identify the natural talents of anyone wishing to better understand which industries will utilise their highest potential. The TIS session takes approximately one to two hours to complete, with full feedback provided on the day. This tool can also be purchased to specifically match candidates with direct management.

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Outreach Programme (OP)

This programme is designed for experienced professionals who are ready to advance their careers to the next level. Whether you are looking for a new role within the same industry or considering a complete change. We will work with you and anonymously approach potential employers on your behalf.

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Talent Acquisition Programmes (TAP)

We pride ourselves on our personal touch and the proven systems that we have developed over the last 8 years. TAP allows us to match the business and management’s ‘personality’ to the candidate. We do not act like traditional recruiters, our approach is tailored to individual needs, therefore each TAP will be a bespoke experience for both the candidate and the business.

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Professional Internship Programme (PIP) ™

A fully managed programme with monitored learning outcomes. Designed for anyone 16 and over, who has no work experience. PIP will support an employer wishing to help someone begin their career while simultaneously advocating for change in the community by contributing to the national employability inclusion and diversity programme. 

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Internship Subscription (IS) ™

Designed for people and businesses who are looking for flexible on demand work. IS caters to current students or anyone looking for flexible hours wishing to gain industry experience while simultaneously providing socially responsible businesses with a cost-effective solution during seasonally intensive periods. 

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Advanced Internship Programme (AIP) ™

Designed for anyone of working age, aimed at people with zero or seemingly unrelated work experience. AIP not only helps recent graduates, but also facilitates experienced individuals wanting to switch their industry. AIP will suit an employer willing to take part in the national inclusion strategies, by training employees and creating future experts for their organisation. 

*** PIP, AIP & IS programmes can lead to permanent employment, promote further studies or lead to apprenticeship programmes, backed by government support. All programmes are fully managed by PTG from day one to the exit interview. 

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