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“Time is the most valuable commodity one has, so here is a personal thank you for spending your own time to explore our website. 

As a founder of such an unconventional recruitment bureau, after almost seven years, I am wholeheartedly convinced that every human being has a talent. Parnova Talent Group was created to reflect on that statement and innovate the conventional recruitment industry as we know it. 

At PTG we are on a mission to help companies and humans identify and apply their talents in a fulfilling way while also optimising compensation. We say “NO” to traditional CV’s, blunt interviews and nebulous job offers. We say “YES” to helping you discover your natural talent, personalised interviews and sustainable careers through a bespoke recruitment experience. 

Regardless of who or where you are, I have specifically designed a number of tailored programmes to facilitate your talents and help you evolve, because your future matters."

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